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What does hospital quality mean?

It means that health care providers are taking the right steps at the right time, and patients are healthier because of it.

WAHospitalQuality.org makes it easy to see and compare hospital quality scores. Search by type of care, look at all hospitals in a region, learn more about how to be an informed, engaged patient, or view a short video about this site.

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Be a More Informed Patient

Patient Tip

Take your pain medicine as prescribed, and remember that there is often a delay before pain medication starts to work. Don’t wait for your pain to be intolerable; take it when you start getting uncomfortable. Keep your doctor informed of your pain and medication levels.

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Did You Know?

Things that make the biggest difference in a woman’s satisfaction with her maternity experience are: having good support from her caregivers, having a high-quality relationship with her caregivers, and being involved in decision-making about her care.

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