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This website was developed by the Washington State Hospital Association, using data that is reported to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid, the National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN) and the Washington State Hospital Association. The available data includes important measures of health in the hospital setting, including infection rates, emergency room response times, patient satisfaction, and more.

It is WSHA’s position that making quality data available and useful to the public leads to more informed patients and more confidence in the health care system.

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In 2005, Washington state hospitals voted to create a shared patient safety program that would be paid for through association (WSHA) dues. They agreed to put competition aside and find the practices that keep patients safe and to share those practices freely.

They began this work by working to improve hand-washing rates and standardizing codes between hospitals, and now share best practices on more than 30 patient safety measures. This information helps to improve our systems and protect patients from human error. It can also be used to help patients understand how they can make good healthcare choices and improve their outcomes.

The approach to this work has saved patients’ lives and saved millions of dollars in health care costs. As a result of our success, Washington state’s collaborative approach has become a national model.

Washington state hospitals have been publishing their quality data online since 2007 (www.wahospitalquality.org). Since that time, the amount and complexity of the data has grown. The website was redesigned in 2014 with the intent of 1) making the data easier for consumers to understand and 2) creating a platform that can be expanded for more health quality measurements.

For More Information

For more information about hospital quality, visit www.wsha.org/QualitySafety.cfm