Washington Hospital Quality
A service of the Washington State Hospital Association

Symbol Key:

? Click on the question mark for more information about the measure and its significance

! Click on the exclamation mark for footnotes, which help to explain the scores. To the extent possible, the footnotes match those used by Hospital Compare.

How to Navigate the Data

Here are several ways to approach the information on this site:

From the home page

  • Select a category of services (such as patient satisfaction, surgery or infections)
  • Read “Patient Tips” and “Did You Know?” for information about how to be an informed patient
  • Pick a hospital by using a map or selecting a county

To look up all the safety data from one particular hospital:

  • Go to the “Find A Hospital” button on the top of the page
  • Select a hospital from the map or the list, or filter by county or zip code.

For a side-by-side comparison of all the safety data of up to three hospitals:

  • Click on “Compare Health Data” from the top of the page
  • Check the three hospitals you want to compare
  • Click “Compare Checked”
  • You can also use the “Filter By…” box on the left to select a single category of services

NOTE: Because the data set is too large, all the hospitals and all the services cannot be shown at once. The most data that can be viewed at one time is either three hospitals and all measures, or all the hospitals and one category.

Other information:

  • Click “View Profile” for hospital websites, contact information, and all data
  • All the “Did You Know” and “Patient Tip” features can be found under the “Be a More Informed Patient” button.
  • More information can also be found by visiting the “About” and “FAQ” page, accessible from the top of every page.